We offer our customers optimal legal advice. We cover different areas, customizing our advice depending on our customer´s needs.

Our advice range from:

  • Juridical claims against nonpayment, collection of incomes, breach of contracts, assistance in insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy and suspension of payment).
  • Commercial contracts (trading, leasing, construction, transport etc…)
  • Advice in the different corporate forms ( civil societies, public limited company, limited) statutes, processing of social changes and the possibility of being constituted as legal adviser to the Boards of Directors of mercantile companies.
  • Coordination with both the labor department in relation with the resolution of conflicts with employees in the judicial field and the tax department for the presentation of economic-administrative resources, or contentious-administrative resources.

By analyzing the global and economical situation of our customers, our experience legal advisors support each customer to obtain the most benefits: tax, labor, commercial, administrative in the situation of taking important financial decisions.

We draft the company´s articles of associations, name´s registration, as well as the procedure needed to set up your new business, including new registrations and the process to obtain the CIF.


As members of the Register of Forensic Economists, we are qualified to perform all types of work related to judicial interventions, either by expert or intervention in insolvency proceedings.


Going on time to an insolvency of creditors declaration can mean the salvation of your company and avoidance of demands of personal responsibilities.

On the other hand, doing it at the wrong time, when it is already too late, as unfortunately is happening very often, might cause the company to have to go to liquidation.

The services that our office can offer you in bankruptcy proceeding can be oriented in several directions:

  • Advise and assist you in the preparation of your own volunteer declaration.
  • Offer you assistance if you are a passive subject of a required bankruptcy process.
  • Guide you on how to behave in the situation that a credit of your company is blocked in a company in a bankruptcy process.
  • In the last scenario, we can advise you on the possibility of recovering the VAT from unpaid invoices within the bankruptcy process, which, with a general rate of 21% is clearly important in your business.
  • We have at your disposal highly qualified Insolvency Administrators with a long experience who will guide, and give support throughout the process, both companies and individuals or individuals who need to invoke themselves under the law of the second opportunity.